Local exhaust ventilation

Local exhaust ventilation to carry away airborne contaminants

Many jobs in different industrial sectors involve a work process that release dust and fumes. If they are not controlled properly, these contaminants can be inhaled by operators and affect their health. Exposure to smoke or dust on workstations can cause diseases such as asthma or other respiratory diseases that can lead to death.

To prevent these risks, it is essential to be equipped with a system of extraction at the source of these airborne contaminant releases. The best method for this is to integrate a powerful Local Exhaust Ventilation system that will protect operators from all potential health risks. To be efficient, it is necessary to install the correct system, to use it correctly and to carry out regular maintenance operations.

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Operating principle of local exhaust ventilation

LEV is a ventilation system that removes dust, fume, mist, gas and other airborne contaminants in a workplace. An LEV system can be installed at or close to the source to capture contaminants before they reach the workers breathing system.

Appropriately structured LEV system will:

  • Remove contaminated air
  • Ensure they are contained
  • Clean the air

Typically, LEV system is made with 5 elements:

  • Hood: to capture airborne contaminants
  • Duct: to transport contaminant 
  • Filter: to clean the air
  • Fan: to suck in and blow out the contaminated air
  • Exhaust stack: to discharge exhaust air outside the building

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Local exhaust ventilation: our solutions

For more than 100 years, NEU-JKF has been supplying industrial companies in local exhaust ventilation solutions. Our experts support you in defining your needs, setting up the installation and maintenance of your solution. LEV requires a good design up to be effective and it is necessary to be supported by professionals for effective protection of workstations for operators.
Our solutions are custom-made and designed to protect operators without disturbing the work environment.

Local exhaust ventilation: regular checking and maintenance


This type of installation requires special attention because it can affect the health of your operators and your business. That's why NEU-JKF offers solutions for maintenance and replacement of disposable parts to keep your work environment safe and anticipate the risk of having to pause your production.

Local exhaust ventilation: areas of application

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