Industrial vacuum system

What is industrial vacuum system?

Vacuum cleaning has always been an industrial concern. Today, safety measures, hygiene and productivity demand centralised systems using a high vacuum, as an effective extension to dust control installations.

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Benefits of our industrial vacuum system

A centralised vacuum cleaning system installation using high vacuum, will allow you to:

  • clean the floor as well as your production equipment and machines,
  • influence the ATEX classification zoning,
  • have direct extraction at source from portable tools, such as grinders and sanders,
  • reduce fire and explosion risks in the workplace,
  • improve working conditions and productivity.

Industrial vacuum system combines efficiency with sustainable development

An industrial vacuum system can directly suck up dust and cuttings from portable tools (sanders, grinders, etc.) resulting in increased productivity.
Software especially developed by NEU-JKF determines the diameters and balancing of the circuits according to the number of simultaneous operators and the characteristics and type of differential pressure device to be used.
Industrial vacuum systems limit the risk of fire and explosion and prevent the presence of suspended dust during cleaning operations. It also limits environmental nuisances with significantly greater filtration efficiency than classic cleaning operations.

Industrial vacuum system description

Industrial vacuum system is suitable for all industrial sectors, where it cleans floors, machines and production tools. It includes:

  • A wide range of accessories for optimized cleaning
  • A circuit of small-diameter pipes, which are modular to face all requirements
  • A compressed-air self-cleaning filter receptor to centralise and eliminate the dust or products sucked in
  • A differential pressure device to suit the intended number of simultaneous vacuuming outlets and the length of pipe in the circuit

Including Deltastart system

Based on the same principle as the “Stop and start” equipment installed on many cars, the Deltastart allows:

  • Differential pressure device automatic start-up as soon as a cleaning accessory is connected to the circuit
  • Automatic shutdown of the system after use
  • Quick return on investment thanks to energy savings.

Product range

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Industrial vacuum system: areas of application

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