Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative cooler for a healthy and safe environment

Evaporative cooler does not serve your industry in a passive way. One of its ambitions is to become the industry's chief ally. Protection of the environment is a sign of the times. The full use of technological resources in each specialised field is indispensable to this cause.

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Evaporative cooler: our solutions

At first sight, evaporative cooling would appear to be part of a simple technology. In this context, a quick look at the problems encountered would lead to the supposition that the corresponding solutions are simple and universal.

It is the duty of the specialists to warn you against this common error. Each problem requires a solution to the specific requirements.


NEU-JKF has an applied knowledge of cooling systems and installations to face your particular needs:


  • reliable, robust and proven equipment
  • easy maintenance
  • energy saving technology
  • reliable after sales service available

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What is adiabatic process?

The evaporative cooler uses water as a vector to cool the air. This phenomenon is called adiabatic process. An evaporative cooler is composed of an evaporation panel (porous membrane), a water distribution system and a fan. The hot air enters through the evaporation panel which is permanently wet. By being passed through the hot air, the water evaporates and releases cooler fresh air that is distributed inside your building by to the fan.

Evaporative cooler: areas of application

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