Air filtration system

Industrial filtration systems: improve air quality on your industry

Workshop safety is a must have in every organization. Air filtration units keep your workshop cleaner, safer and enables you to invest more energy in it! NEU-JKF air filtration systems handle the hardest conditions and gives you peace of mind while you're working diligently.

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Oil mist filtration

Many activities generate a quantity of fine particles, cutting fluids or oil mists as part of their processes. Modern machinery use sensitive electronic components and oil mist can affect them.
In poorly ventilated workshops, those oil mists produce dense fumes in the atmosphere, with a characteristic smell. NEU-JKF can offer stale air filtering solutions for every stage of the process: machining, forging, milling, grinding, sharpening...

Operating principle of Industrial filtration systems

A properly designed industrial filtration installation will include the following functions:

  • Local capture of mist-laden air
  • Separation air - particles
  • General ventilation to eliminate residual pollutants (not collected at their emission)
  • Compensation of the air supplied
  • Conveying with a balanced ducting system
  • Polluted air handling and exhaust: stale air purified before release to the atmosphere (or internal recycling in some cases)

Product range

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Downdraft table

Our downdraught table or ventilated workstation is designed to ensure a clean and protected working environment, to safeguard your employees and to conform to applicable regulations.

  • Suitable dust types
  • Plastic - composite
  • Aluminium - glass
  • Carbon - and more

Example applications : Precision-grinding and fitting parts, Cleaning small parts, Manual sanding, Removing dust from finishing machines, Removing dust from small weighing stations, Removing dust from mixing stations, Retouching paintwork, Extracting pollutants (polish, varnish, etc.)

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