Sawdust and wood shavings collection

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Improving the quality of air in the wood processing industry

Wood processing machines and machining stations generate sawdust and wood shavings, etc. Equipping yourself with a workshop vacuum extractor unit or sawdust vacuum extractor protects the health of your employees and prolongs the service life of your equipment.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Dusting of woodworking machines in a barrel factory :
Dusting of woodworking machines for the manufacture of barrels. Installed equipment: 2 SEPAROBOIS® P 60 m2 and 2 TURBOLINE® fans. Loading of skips by insufflation

NEU-JKF develops custom vacuum extraction systems for sawdust and wood shavings for derating ATEX zones. Our range of workshop extractor units comprises certified safety components (explosion vents)

Are you sure that your wood shaving vacuum extractor is compliant with ATEX regulation?

The product offering in the sector is varied: sawdust vacuum extractor, workshop vacuum extractor, wood shavings vacuum extractor, centralized vacuum extractor, woodwork vacuum extractor.

We install dust vacuum extraction systems that do not pass the dust through fan units, which prolongs the service life of equipment, reduces its power consumption and extends its service intervals. 

This also reduces noise pollution and ATEX risks.

Our vacuum extraction systems comprise three steps:
- Collection of contaminants from the machinery,
- Separation of dust from the largest particles (shavings, sawdust) and filtration of the air
- Transport and recycling of the material (to containers, compactor or boiler, etc.)

Many clients place their confidence in us: cooperage, woodworkers, structure manufacturers, carpenters. Contact one of our specialists in wood processing for a custom design in accordance with your requirements

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