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Reduce the risk thanks to an ATEX certified dust collector

Joiners, structure manufacturers, saw mills, training centers, cooperage, carpenters, etc. Equipping your workshops with a vacuum extraction unit or industrial dust extractor will protect the health of your staff from wood dust, will improve your production quality and prolong the service life of your equipment. 

Example of this application in one of our customers

Carpenter – Decorator
Suction of sawdust from carpentry. Finishing workshop. With energy saving network.
Filter type SEPAROBOIS with a Turboline fan. Trolley loading by insufflation.

General site ventilation is often not enough to prevent the risks associated with wood dust generated by wood working machinery (wood dust allergy, cancers, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, eczema etc.). This should be supplemented by dust collection close to its source of production and an air filtration system.

According to official studies, less than 20% of portable machinery is equipped with a dust vacuum extraction and collection system. Finally, the exposure limit value set by local or national legislation are very often exceeded.

The offer in the sector is varied: wood dust extractor, dust prevention machinery, portable vacuum extractors, workshop wood dust extractor, etc.

Very often, the effectiveness of wood dust extraction on portable machinery is insufficient or non-existent.

Due to the complex nature of collection, the ergonomic limitations of work stations, the power output of a vacuum extractor or the difficulty in calculating high vacuum systems, installations do not perform efficiently and for this reason are used infrequently or not at all.

Through our dedicated wood processing industry subsidiary (NEU JKF Wood Industry), we have developed a range of dust extractors (with integral vacuum extractor) enabling us to offer custom vacuum extraction systems from collection to storage of dust, sawdust and wood shavings.

We are familiar with the aeraulic specifications required for efficient vacuum extraction on each tool (sanders, saws, routers, etc.) in accordance with the flow rates recommended by official institutes. We include this computation report with our offers

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