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To avoid the risks associated with wood dust generated by woodworking machines (allergy to wood dust, cancers, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma, eczema ...), the general ventilation of the premises is often insufficient. It must be accompanied by dust collection as close as possible to their source of emission and
an air filtration system. 

The offer in the sector is varied: wood vacuum cleaner, anti dust machine, mobile vacuum cleaner, workshop vacuum wood...
Very often the efficiency of the suction of wood dust on the portable machines is insufficient or non-existent: because of the complexity of the catchment, the ergonomic constraint of the posts, the power of a vacuum cleaner, the difficulty of the computation networks high depression, the facilities are poor and therefore little or no use.

We have developed a range of dust collectors (built-in vacuum) that allows us to offer customized suction systems ranging from capture to storage of dust, sawdust and wood chips.
We know the aeraulic characteristics to provide for an efficient suction on each tool (sanders, saws, routers...) respecting the rates recommended by CARSAT. We attach this calculation note to our offers.

We develop tailor-made sawdust and wood chip extraction systems for the decommissioning of an ATEX area. 

Our workshop vacuum range consists of certified safety devices (explosion vents)

The offer in the sector is varied: sawdust vacuum cleaner, workshop vacuum cleaner, chip vacuum cleaner, central vacuum cleaner, carpentry vacuum cleaner.

We install dust suppression systems that do not blow dust through the fans, increasing the durability of the equipment while reducing its consumption and maintenance. It also reduces noise levels and ATEX risks.

Our suction systems include 3 steps:
- Pollutant collection on the machine
- Separation of dust from larger particles (chips, sawdust) and air filtration
- Transport and recycling of the material (to dump, compactor, boiler ...)

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