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NEU-JKF has been a strong partner for the aerospace industry for many years and has developed customized solutions to answer the needs of the aerospace industry.
The manufacturing of a plane, a helicopter, an aerospace vessel or any parts for the aerospace industry implies a lot of operations such as drilling, aluminum shavings, special coating where the dust control is very important to protect the operators but also to comply with the high standards of the aerospace industry.

NEU-JKF can offer solutions for dust and pollutants control with guarantees regarding the quality of the air rejected after its filtration. According to the source of dust, oil mist, fumes or shavings, NEU-JKF will design a solution where a central dust collector or an industrial central vacuum system will be used.

For example, a drilling unit generates some shavings that need to be extracted instantaneously and this is where an industrial central vacuum system is used, it is made of high-pressure blowers and a filtering unit in order to convey pneumatically the shavings from all the drilling units trough a ducting network and filter the dusty air. Such systems can be use at the same time by the operators to clean the production areas and recover 100% of the dust.

For dust control like in a painting unit for instance, the solution will consist of high-performance fans with a central dust collector using the appropriate filtering element in order to capture and filter efficiently the dust and comply with the exposure limit value.

When machining are made in a factory, there is a huge generation of oil mist and it is where NEU can offer efficient solutions to capture and filter this oil mist thanks to a special metal knit mesh to agglomerate the oil mist and then a clean air inside the factory.

As a manufacturer of high-performance fans, NEU-JKF can supply any type of fans from 1 to 1400kW. NEU fans are also used for local and general ventilations solutions in order to improve working conditions of the operators by frequently renewing the air of the factory and refreshing it when it is needed. NEU-JKF also provides solutions of ventilation for confined areas.

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