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Cleaning the air in a recycling facility has become a priority for ensuring the protection of operatives and the cleanliness of the working environment.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Waste sorting center:
NEU high-vacuum cleaning systems to extract the dust from the floors and machinery

All waste sorting facilities or waste processing facilities generate dust during their sorting processes. Delta NEU offers industrial air filtration solutions to clean the ambient air.

Dust suspended during the handling of waste in a recycling facility is collected at source by an industrial vacuum extraction system. Waste air is extracted by means of an industrial ventilation installation (air is extracted and then fresh, filtered air is diffused inside the workshop).
For cleaning of production areas, NEU recommends an industrial dust extraction system, more specifically a centralised vacuum extraction system, which will enable the waste processing facility to extract the dust from the floors and machinery, thanks to a wide range of accessories.

The centralised vacuum extraction accessories assembly can adapt to all cleaning situations (ducts, framework, narrow and difficult to access locations in a recycling facility, etc.)

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