General ventilation in waste and recycling center

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In waste and recycling center, the activities generate dust. NEU propose turnkey solutions according to your need to prevent all the risks.

In waste processing facilities, waste recycling facilities and waste reclamation centres the movement and handling of waste generates dust.

Risk reduction measures (INRS recommendation) can reduce the emission of solid waste in the form of dust.

Processing everyday industrial waste, containing in particular organic materials, requires the installation of an industrial dust extractor and industrial ventilation system in order to combat the pollution generated.
Installation of a collection at source system collects dust close to the source of emission and must be supplemented by a general ventilation system.

In addition to evacuating residual dust, general ventilation ventilates the rooms and therefore contributes to the thermal comfort of operatives in waste recycling facilities.

Thanks to out know-how in dust extraction and ventilation, Delta NEU is combating contamination in waste sorting facilities.

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