Adiabatic air conditioning in waste and recycling center

Delta NEU

Improving work conditions, protect your devices

Delta NEU is implementing industrial bio air conditioning solutions in waste management facilities.

Waste management is a social concern today.
Adiabatic air conditioning or evaporative air conditioning is used by recycling companies to improve the comfort of operatives sorting or reclaiming waste.

This industrial air conditioning is typified by moistening of the air resulting in the cooling of the air blown over the operatives’ work stations. The temperature may be lowered by up to 10°C, depending on exterior conditions.

Adiabatic air conditioning may also be used to ventilate electrical plant rooms to maintain the correct temperature for functioning of electrical equipment.
Bio air conditioning can improve the air quality in the workplace in industrial waste processing facilities. The working environment is not only cooled but also ventilated, which prevents the continuous presence of contaminants.

Thanks to evaporative cooling, waste processing facilities have a financially viable solution in terms of installation and operation costs, which improves the working conditions of staff.

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