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The recycling industry improve day per day and is a significant activity branch in the general Industry. We have now many recycling plants for industrial and domestic waste. These plants are more and more automatic and equipped with a new generation of machines.
Some workers are essential for controlling the process and splitting the waste in detail. NEU-JKF has developed a few year ago a proper technology and has a good experience and expertise in recycling industry.

To protect environment and to protect the working conditions, NEU-JKF is a specialist with dust and waste treatment. The pollution in recycling industry is coming from conveyors, automatic machines dedicated for separation and storage.

NEU-JKF could offer a treatment with pneumatic waste conveying system. Collection of dust and waste are designed directly on the machines or conveyors.

A pneumatic conveying system is using for dust collection and waste capture and transportation.

The full range of NEU-JKF equipment’s as dust control filtering unit; air-material separator and chopper fans are used for completing the waste management in recycling process.

A complementation of a full dust collection is to install a central vacuum cleaning system on the recycling process. Easy for cleaning the plant, the piping system, the machines, etc.

The dust is centralized and collected in silo storage.

Advantages of our solution are:
- Fully automatic waste management
- To ease the fire and hygienic management
- To ease the social activity in you plant
- To increase the economic and ecological way with better productivity
- To respect and protect the environment
- To protect your workers again pollution.

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