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The plastics manufacturing or plastics and rubber processing industry involves many plastic machining or rubber processing tasks which generate dust and waste. Due to today's high production speeds, this dust and waste must be eliminated as it is produced to keep the production tool environment as clean as possible.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Process waste extraction in plastic processing
Manufacture of car headlights, suction of “thermodur” waste on finishing robots. A collection system sucks directly to the robot the cutting waste, which is transported to a receiving bin located in a dedicated room, via a suction network and an air-material separation system.

Precision machining of plastics to obtain a plastic product generates dust or waste and must be removed.

The industrial production of plastics and rubber, and in particular, production lines for rubber flaps, rubber washers or rubber seals, is one of the most polluting sectors that exist. Another extremely polluting sector is tire manufacture — from preparation of the mixture to the finishing stations.

NEU offers dust collection and waste extraction systems which suck away pollutants directly at the source of emission on production lines of all types of plastic and rubber waste.

NEU is notably a referenced supplier among tire manufacturing companies and has implemented systems throughout the world. A pneumatic conveying network removes waste as it is produced, transporting it to a purpose-built area or outside the building.

The waste is then stored in one place and can be processed by a specialised waste disposal or waste recycling facility. In order to implement this kind of system, a specific study must be conducted at the customer's site to optimize the possible solutions and investigate the existing electrical power installations.

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