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Air is the starting point for clean and healthy industry

Rubber and plastics manufacturing involves processes which generate dust harmful to the health of operators. In addition to affecting the quality of the ambient air, the dust also settles on the floor and machinery.
Installing a centralised vacuum cleaning system helps not only to reduce machine downtimes but also to keep the floors clean and purify the air in work spaces.

NEU is highly experienced in the development of high vacuum cleaning systems. We combine this expertise with an R&D department that uses the cutting edge of design and simulation software. As a result, we can deliver high-quality, customer-targeted solutions.

Example of this application in one of our customers

For plastics manufacturing or plastics and rubber processing industry, NEU provided centralized vacuum system increases the productivity of production operators and specially to extract the dust from the floors and machinery

The dust generated by the manufacture of rubber or the plastics industry can be processed by customised industrial suction systems.

Centralised vacuum cleaning system VS heavy duty vacuum cleaners
The air processing market offers a wide range of heavy duty vacuum cleaners. This type of dust extraction solution has its limits and constraints:
• Risk of reintroducing dust into the work space
• Rapid clogging of filters
• Involves high airflow rates
• Not recommended for lengthy or permanent use: high risk of creating a dust cloud and therefore an explosive atmosphere (Atex vacuum cleaner)

For over 40 years, NEU has been developing solutions to clean production areas in the rubber industry (workshop extraction). Better known as a suction unit or filter unit, the centralised high vacuum cleaning system enables several suction points to be installed around the workshop. The dust is collected and the air filtered before being released into the atmosphere or re-injected into the building after the dust has been extracted by the suction unit.

NEU has many references in the rubber and plastics manufacturing sector.

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