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Plastics production and processing: discover the solutions from NEU Process for the plastics industry

Example of this application in one of our customers

Feeding of a silo farm. Pneumatic conveying of polypropylene.
High pressure dilute phase technology. This solution reuses the conveyor piping to the existing bagging silos. With this technology, the operating pressures are above 1 barg which implies to use screw compressors.
The higher the operating pressure, the smaller the gas flow required to transfer the same quantity on the same distance: smaller gas flow means smaller piping, smaller diverter valves, smaller coolers, smaller filters, etc.

Very simple to use, polymers have become widespread in all industry sectors and in our day-to-day lives: automotive industry or plastic bottles, for example. However, polymers are complex materials and their range varies from standard plastic to sophisticated formulae: transparent polymer granules that emit odours or are shock-resistant. The plastics industry has changed as requirements have changed.
Whether new units or revamped existing units, they have configurations that differ with flow rates of several kilograms to hundreds of tonnes, with plastic granules always being of the same size or powders always of the same bulk density; compliance with product specifics and quality control are essential... these are some of the challenges in the plastics raw materials industry and plastics industry.

NEU PROCESS solutions
With the benefit of our experience in all pneumatic transport techniques, NEU Process can also specify the transfer system that will be best-suited to each specific layout and process requirements. NEU Process can design a reliable stand-alone pneumatic conveyor system for production or processing.

• From the NEUPHASE low-speed dense phase to the dilute phase under vacuum or during discharge, passing via the dune phase,
• In closed circuit or under inert gas,
• With pipework internal treatment,
• Combining key components such as rotary sluices or multidirectional shunts,
• etc.

NEU Process’s experience
There is a NEU Process installation in every continent of the world: North and South America, Asia, Middle East, Central and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa. The number of NEU Process installations across the world is impressive and contributes to the knowledge and expertise held by NEU Process in this field. The largest plastics producers in the world, engineering companies and backers of technology recognise the know-how of NEU Process.

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