Powder and granules process in plastic industry

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Conveying and processing of powders and pellets (automated or non-automated) during the production processes

Example of this application in one of our customers

A typical process plant with materials intake (silos, sacks and big bags), pneumatic conveying, mixing, dosing, weighing, grinding.

All logistical and flow management operations must be taken into account for the in-feed of various production and fabrication machinery.

Today, these operations are a very important part of activities on an industrial site.

Generally, the cost items are as follows:
• Routing of raw materials to the production site and storage,
• Continuous metering and distribution of various materials to production,
• Packaging and routing to final storage or packaging areas.

There are many items of industrial process equipment and they are heavily dependent upon the sector activity in question. Whether it is bulk wood pellets, plastic pellets or foodstuff powders, all of these products not only require transportation at one time or another from the production process, but also must be weighed, metered, mixed, screened and milled, etc.

Our engineers have mastered the entire range of technology associated with bulk processing:
• Storage of powder and pellets in silos and loading/unloading systems for silos, sacks and big bags.
• Control of ambient conditions, degassing, air and product temperature and humidity control, in storage or during continuous or discontinuous handling
• Volumetric dispensation (powder metering, for example) and high-precision weighing system, single-product or multi-ingredient, continuous or discontinuous, for weight gain or loss, recipe formulation
• Integration of additional equipment: continuous or batch mixer, milling station, screen (for screening powder), metal detector, dryer, cooler.
• Automatic or semi-automatic bagging station
• Packaging of powder and pellets
• Automation, monitoring and traceability through automated handling, developed and tested internally.

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