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Production lines in the plastics or rubber industry generate diffuse sources of pollution which translate into odours, residual smoke and/or a high increase in the ambient temperature, particularly in the summer.
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Roof extraction system in a plastic product manufacturing
Protection of the respiratory tracts of operators at workstations on casting stations, implementation of dust collection systems at source on the workstations, centralized vacuum system and release of pollutants outside on the roof.

Of course, local ventilation with a centrifugal fan is the primary solution to be implemented, especially in a plastics processing company or factory. However, as extraction at source is not always fully effective, general ventilation is necessary.

This solution injects fresh air to renew the volume of air in the workshop. Air refreshing removes any residual dust and even eliminates the risk of respiratory problems.

NEU also offers ventilation systems for premises which inject fresh air into the workshop to lower the ambient temperature so that it becomes possible to work in high temperatures.

Industrial air treatment in the plastics industry or in a rubber manufacturer with a centrifugal fan connected to a fresh air compensation unit is the best solution for improving work conditions in the summer.

To comply with the occupational exposure limits, a plastics company must be equipped with an extraction system including an external discharge via collection of the pollutant at source, a vacuum network put under vacuum by a centrifugal fan, completed by a compensating system to replace the volume of extracted air with filtration, heating in the winter, and cooling during the summer period.

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