Dust and smoke collection in plastic manufacturing industry

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The prevention of risks related to exposure to chemical products has become a reality in the industry, particularly in the plastics manufacturing industry.
NEU smoke extractors are designed to work in many situations involving unhealthy plastic fumes, chemical fumes or solvent fumes. They easily integrate into any environment.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Smoke extraction system of a film-making unit with FILTRACLEAN

Chemical substances which are released into the air on plastic product production lines or in the field of rubber processing can cause serious occupational illnesses.

Dust clouds contain fine respirable dust particles which penetrate operators' respiratory systems, for example in rubber manufacturing plants where zinc stearate is used, or in plastics processing companies where fumes are emitted.

Fumes treatment is an inseparable part of the process on production lines in plastics manufacturing.
For this reason, Delta NEU offers its air processing expertise to process fumes on preparation, weighing, brushing, stearate and talc workstations, on mixers and shredders and in heat chambers, autoclaves, presses and furnaces.

When fumes are the only source of pollution, NEU's solution involves installing a simple smoke removal unit connected to a collection system built into a workstation.

Smoke extraction systems are industrial ventilation systems which tend to be easy to install. When dust extraction is also required, more elaborate filtration systems are necessary to purify the air before it is released into the outside environment in line with applicable standards.

In both cases, the success of the installation depends on the supplier's ability to design and implement efficient collection systems in accordance with INRS' basic rules.

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