Adiabatic air conditioning for plastic and rubber industry

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Clean air technology for a healthy workplace

Air refreshing and keeping the atmosphere pure in the plastics and rubber industry forms an integral part of NEU's expertise.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Cooling fan in a finishing workshop of a tire manufacturing

Air refreshing ventilation of a workshop to limit the ambient temperature in summer. Introduction of a fresh air volume filtered and refreshed in the summer to allow work in high heat.

Better known as air coolers, NEU's natural ventilation systems are based on the principle of adiabatic cooling or evaporative cooling.

This technique involves ensuring a high air exchange rate in the space to be ventilated by introducing a flow of humidified air.

This volume of cooled air compensates for the same volume of extracted hot air. This air cooling method provides extremely pleasant thermal conditions when working in the plastics industry.

It is a natural solution with very low power consumption which offers many advantages:
- 100% cool, fresh air
- Pleasant humidity levels
- Improved operator comfort at the workstation

NEU has many references in the plastics manufacturing and plastic processing sectors.

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