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The plastics industry manufactures polymer materials and offers services in plastics important to a range of industries, including packaging, building and construction (plastic hoses), electronics, automotive and transportation.
NEU-JKF designs and assembles equipment (Industrial fans, air filtration units, dust collectors…) dedicated to air quality improvement in the plastic processing.

Plastics production include thermoplastics and polyurethanes, as well as thermosets, adhesives, coatings and sealants.

As plastics come in the form of granules, powders or pellets, there are certain ways to mould or shape these materials into products. For the plastics manufacturing process, the material has heat or pressure applied to the plastic or the plastic resins are combined with additives, including fillers and pigments.

As workers perform these manufacturing procedures, they are at risk for being exposed to fumes and fine dust from the plastics either from the machines used for manufacturing or the plastics materials themselves.

The solutions are based on implementing local exhaust ventilation (LEV) systems, generally associated with a general exhaust ventilation (GEV) system.

Local exhaust system is used to manage fume extraction by trapping them at or near the source. Local exhaust is generally a far more effective way of controlling contaminants before they reach the workers' breathing zones. Dedicated equipment includes centrifugal fans and ducting systems.

General industrial ventilation reduces the concentration of the air contaminants, by mixing, with axial fans, the contaminated air with fresh, clean, uncontaminated air. This ventilation system is also known as dilution ventilation.

Dust collection
While workers handle raw materials through grinding or cutting or other finishing procedures for plastic process, fine dust is emitted in the environment. Capture at source, conveying gas and dust, air filtration and dust recovery are the operating principle of a dust extraction installation.

Moreover, a centralized vacuum cleaning system can improve the cleanness of the work places and reduce explosion risks. (ATEX directive)

Pneumatic conveying
Plastic pellets, granules and powders are used in plastics industry through processing. These products can be handled with pneumatic conveying systems.

The strength of NEU-JKF is to specify the most suitable techniques for each application thanks to their wide range of equipment and systems.

NEU-JKF provides strong support throughout the projects in plastics industry and focuses on:
- Installation of sustainable systems, with performance guarantee
- Energy savings
- Compliant with the regulation in force

NEU-JKF referrals :
- Capture and filtration of dust during a polishing operation on aluminium moulds (plastic injection process)
- Dedusting of grinding stations, CNC machines and mixers.
- Capture and filtration of fumes on extruders machines
- Suction of plastic waste on a production line (chips and dust)
- Capture of plastic material on a shredder and transfer to a briquet press
- Centralized vacuum cleaning systems in workshops

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