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The paper industry and its manufacturing processes generate problems of paper dust emission and the fine particles released must be collected.
The industrial paper-making process causes releases of paper fibre and cellulose dust which require the installation of industrial suction systems to capture fine particles responsible for unpleasant effects on the ocular mucosa and respiratory problems for operatives.
Furthermore, paper dust in the air and in a confined space can cause an explosion in case of an ignition source.

Paper industry is a demanding production activity. The producers are facing increasing challenges in terms of quality, cost and environment. On a global market, NEU-JKF is offering to its client a dedicated range of solutions which fulfils the needs of waste collection, clean working environment and cooling method. Being a pulp producer, paper maker of tissue converter, NEU-JKF is your partner for customized air treatment solutions.

NEU-JKF provides waste management solution for trim, cookies, or complete log. It integrates state of the art equipment such as chopperfan, static or rotary separator, oversized dust collector, high performance centrifugal fans. All those products are assembly in an engineered solution which guarantee the performance and reliability of the installation. The productivity of the plant is boost, the manpower is reduced, and the industrial waste become valuable.

Using recycled fibres is a general trend on the market. However, those fibres are shortened than the one from virgin pulp and generate more dust in the production line. This dust is creating fire hazard in the whole factory. A clean working environment becomes compulsory for paper makers. With its decades of experience in dust extraction system, NEU-JKF proposes today on the market the most advanced solution. Combining high velocities hoods extraction and floor cleaning devices, NEU-JKF achieves less than 2mg/m3 of dust in machine environment. 

Saving on manpower for cleaning, better operators and machines environment, NEU-JKF solutions becomes a must have for the paper producer. 

In addition to dust, vapours and heat are also a concern for paper production process. An adapted ventilation system is compulsory to keep the premises in good conditions or protect electrical or sensitive items. As an example, using cooling fan or adiabatic system limit heat exposure for electrical cabinets or motors.

With our application team, NEU-JKF build the complete project from customers’ needs up to commissioning. The installation is followed on a regular base by our service staff which offers assistance and maintenance contract on a worldwide basis.

Nowadays, most of the production lines are completely automated. Therefore, NEU-JKF has developed specific monitored systems which improve the production efficiency and reduce the energy consumption.

Safety issues, like fire or explosion risk are also integrated in our concern. To guarantee fire free installation, we implement on most of our system continuous hot particles detection device. For explosion protection, all our equipment’s are compliant with ATEX and NFPA standard.

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