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Our expert air solutions in the metal industry

Amongst all the industries, it is without any doubt in the metal industry that
NEU-JKF can offer the fullest and widest range of services.
There is indeed no new plant whose execution does not require one or another of our technical specialities, and often many of them at the same time.


NEU-JKF solutions for the Metal Industry

Metal companies must, in some conditions, continuously design and develop more important, more efficient and more economical plants.

The resources at the disposal of the NEU-JKF group :
highly-trained technicians, design and research departments, manufacturing premises and erection services, together with their long experience and the wide range of their technical specialities, enable them to offer their clients and unequalled assistance for all the problems within their competence.

Budget stage
Dynamical collaboration with the technicians for designing together, even at the "process" stage, original, efficient and economical installations to propose to the final purchaser. 

Project stage
Choice of the best suited equipment (special or standard), result of an advanced technique backed-up by a vast experience. Facilitating your work, NEU-JKF can take over the design and the execution of complete sub-assemblies, the performance of which they guarantee.

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