Industrial fans for glass industry

Fans serving the process

The various stages of glass production require highly controlled ventilation, the NEU JKF Fevi fans, by their design and their high efficiency, make it possible to comply in a very precise way with the process requirements

Example of this application in one of our customers

Example of fan for furnace tank cooling with double inlet openings for very high flow rates and moderate pressure losses

Since more than 65 years, the NEU JKF Fevi’s process fans are at the disposal of the Glass Industry. Float or bottles processes require plenty of fans to insure the quality of the products, the sustainability of the furnaces as well as the complementary equipment’s like feeders or IS machines or chimney.

Whether it is for the cooling of the furnace tank, the IS conveyor, the forced draft air, the combustion air, the NEU JKF Fevi fans are tailor made and our know how of the process allows us to design the right fan for the right function.

Indeed, besides the classical figures as pressure and airflow, we design our solutions according to the nature of the fluid, its temperature and the needed regulation thereby the materials are adjusted accordingly.

For that we integrate all mechanical matters like own frequency calculation, critical speed and strength of materials.
Our French Design and construction are fully realized in our plant in Normandy.

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