Rockwool and glass fiber dust collection

Rockwool and glass fiber dust collection for glass industries

Rockwool and glass fiber dust collection system design for glass industries

NEU-JKF puts its air conditioning expertise at your service to control the specific problems of the glass industry. We design tailor-made, reliable and efficient dust collection solutions.

Case study: Rockwool dust collection equipment for a glass industry

NEU-JKF dust collection solutions for the glass industry are customized and dimensioned according to the needs of each of our customers.
In order to fight pollution in workshops and workspaces, we install solutions to capture pollutants at the emission source, directly on the machining lines. Our collectors and piping network evacuate particles, fibers and chips (silica, lime, alumina, kaolin, magnesia, colemanite, boron oxide...) into the same installation.
All installations are equipped with specific anti-abrasion coatings.
Shredder fans, installed outside the workshops, allow the transfer of any size of machining waste.
Waste is recovered for recycling in production, while purified air can be recycled in the workshops or released to the atmosphere, depending on the season.

Air contamination, one of the major risks in the glass industry

During the manufacture of rock wool and glass fiber, the processes emit many pollutants harmful to the health of operators, in particular silica.
NEU-JKF puts its know-how at the service of securing your processes and preventing risks to workers' health.

A safe and efficient industrial dust collection system.

We design turnkey solutions for the extraction of chips, dust and fumes during the production of rock wool and fiberglass.
The performance of our filtration systems enables us to comply with the most stringent legislation on employee health and safety and to achieve lower discharge rates than the standards in force. Even better, our solutions contribute to the performance of your production units, improving their productivity and controlling energy costs.

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