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Centralize industrial extraction is an aeraulic technique used widely in your industry Dust extraction and smoke extraction systems are universally present for glass-making processes, as suspended particles, specifically metal oxides, may cause respiratory issues.

Example of this application in one of our customers

Glass furnace applications are heavy-duty and the materials are typically very abrasive.
NEU-JKF has the expertise and extensive range of dust collectors to provide advanced solutions for this demanding process. The temperature and condensate are other challenges that NEU-JKF dust collection systems can handle, by tailoring the specification to suit the application to ensure stable, clean and efficient glass production.

There are varied “turnkey” solutions provided by NEU-JKF. From the extractor swing arm in the moulding workshop to industrial dust extraction systems installed for melting processes, NEU-JKF implements its technology and products to prevent risks.

Operating principle
Moreover, smoke extraction and filtration is a technique that combines dust particle extraction (metal oxides such as cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel or cobalt) and the filtration of pollutant gases (HF, HCL, etc.).

To achieve this, the smoke is neutralised through the injection of a neutralising agent into our dust extractors.

More conventionally, workshops with processes such as a sand plant, moulding workshop, engobing, mixing station or conveyor jetty, etc. are equipped with centralised industrial extraction systems preventing the operatives from coming into contact with the suspended particles.

Simpler still, extraction of hot air is an application often found in glass-making.

Contamination of the air is a major issue in the glass production industries, for which NEU-JKF has all of the necessary know-how to support your projects, thanks to its multiple product items

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