Evaporative cooling systems glass industry

Good working conditions and safer production

Companies processing glass works with high-voltage industrial equipment installed. Electrical plant rooms must therefore be equipped with an air conditioning system to prevent excessive temperatures. NEU-JKF propose an economical and natural solutions to guarantee a good temperature

Excessive temperatures could cause electrical and electronic failures. It is also necessary to pressurize electrical plant rooms with filtered air in order to provide overpressurisation and prevent the introduction of dust that could impair operation of equipment.

NEU-JKF is a specialist in industrial air filtration and provides simple and economical solutions to meet the challenges of the glass processing industry.

A conventional air cooler such as that in standard air conditioning systems is not sufficient for providing the three functions: extraction of hot air, cooling and overpressurisation of electrical plant rooms

At NEU-JKF, our ventilation system combines natural air conditioning using a filtration system and the extraction of hot air

The NEU-JKF air cooler is an evaporative air conditioning unit, the operating principle of which is based on adiabatic cooling. The evaporation of a small quantity of water results in reducing the evaporation temperature which cools the air. This is used to reduce the air temperature of the room

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