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The essential element of any food process is the product. NEU-JKF’s strength is: to propose and implement configurations that combine hygiene, safety and quality throughout the industrial production line (be it powder or pellet processes) to respect product integrity from its arrival point to the automatic packaging.

NEU-JKF Solutions for the Food Industry

The food-processing industry is very demanding regarding hygiene and safety.

Therefore NEU-JKF’s solutions are developed to comply with the highest standards. Our experience with the food process ensures that we understand customer’s preoccupations in the plant areas where raw materials are processed. Our solutions are used in food processing plants all along the food production line: reception of dry bulk materials with automatic handling systems, pneumatic conveying, feeding, weighing, mixing, filling, packing etc.

Traceability for your recipes as well as flexibility of your production tools are very important matters for the food manufacturing industry and NEU-JKF perfectly understand it. Feeding accuracy and perfect traceability for your recipes are fully part of our solutions and our systems are very accurate. With a great and long experience in working with the food and drinks industry we can help customers with their process optimization. We design the best solution according their requirements including the complete process automation.

Flexibility is one of our leitmotiv. We adapt finish quality and the design of our equipment to meet customer’s demands and avoid retention areas for example.

We are also expert in air treatment inside the plant. For example, grinding process in food manufacturing creates dust and explosive risks, our solutions comply with the Atex/NFPA directives to catch the dust at the source of emission, filtrate and collect it.

Thanks to our different air moving technologies, we have a transversal view of the air flows in the plant. We provide solutions to renew the air of your plant, refresh it if needed, extract the vapors, provide ultra-clean air and make sure to have the best manufacturing practices for your production of processed foods.

As a manufacturer of industrial process fans, we supply fans for many type of applications: drying towers, fumes extraction, exhaust fans… We use stainless steel 316L, 304L or any convenient material for your process.
Our customers particularly like the easiness to access, disassemble and clean our equipment.
Our expertise at different level of the food production process makes us a strategic partner for the food manufacturing industry.

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