Nuclear operations

Equipment for a safer maintenance of nuclear power plants

Together with all the equipment in our range, our expertise enables us to supply industrial solutions for every worksite, and every capture and dynamic containment system.

Unit outages
French nuclear power plants are equipped with reactors containing 2, 4 or 6 units.
Each of these units is subject to periodic inspections known as unit outages which are organised according to planned intervals and scheduled work.

The unit outage is a sensitive period in terms of ensuring radiation protection during the opening of security systems such as the tank, primary circuit or steam generators.

This work is carried out during outages for basic reloading purposes or during partial or ten-year inspections. Unit outages are supervised by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) which authorizes the operator to put the unit back into operation.

As a QUALIANOR-certified nuclear industry service provider, NEU-JKF Delta NEU installs systems or carries out preventive and corrective maintenance on equipment at all operating nuclear power plants and nuclear sites, prior to each unit outage.

Thanks to our wide range of equipment, we are able to provide industrial solutions for every worksite, and every capture and dynamic containment system:

Vacuum-producing unit
for one or more containment vessel via airlocks for high-risk worksites (trapping of radioactive dust or any other radioactive element such as iodine).

Generation of negative pressure

- In the primary circuit during Gi phases (MED CP)
- In steam generator airlocks (MED GV)

Cooling circuit equipment

These systems are equipped with two filtering stages:
1. Very High Efficiency filter for radioactive dust.
2. Activated carbon filter for iodine.

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