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Delta NEU offers a wide range of vacuum-producing units at the service of nuclear safety, such as CYCLAIR, Filtraclean S, Jetline KS, MED CP, MED GV and MED PZR

CYCLAIR®, MED CP, MED GV, MED PZR vacuum-producing unit
CYCLAIR systems are portable vacuum-producing units used to generate negative pressure in airlocks in order to ensure the dynamic containment of worksites which could be contaminated by radioactive particles.

The MED CP, MED GV and MED PZR systems are used within the framework of nuclear safety to reduce environmental hazards and prevent health risks during unit outages.

These vacuum-producing units feature a filter system consisting of an activated carbon filter and an absolute filter system. Their operating mode enables a high degree of security to be guaranteed throughout the duration of maintenance operations where environmental hazards and health risks are high.

Filtraclean® S filter unit
Filtraclean S is a filter unit designed for use in all industrial sectors, particularly in the nuclear, pharmaceutical and agri-food industries.
It enables absolute filtration of CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) particles.

Jetline® KS dust collector
JETLINE® KS is a dust collector with automatic compressed air unclogging. It operates continuously and can obtain maximum filtration, particularly in the case of pollution caused by fine particles. JETLINE® KS is recommended in chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries (radioactive particles).
This equipment uses particle filters designed to purify the air, particularly during dismantling tasks.

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