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Since the beginning of its story, NEU has always been active in all the industries involved in the production of energy.
In particular, in:
- the petroleum power industry
- the gas power industry
- the electrical power industry
- the coal power industry
- the nuclear power industry

NEU designs and assembles equipment dedicated to air quality improvement around the work environment (dust removal, air filtration systems, high pressure industrial fans, industrial ventilation…)

NEU provides strong support throughout the projects in the energy industry and focuses on:
- Installation of sustainable systems, with performance guarantee
- Energy savings
- Compliant with the regulation in force

Thermal and gas power plants
- Ventilation packs with prefiltration in gas power plants
- Pneumatic conveying systems for fly ashes, biomass, sugar cane….
- Combustion air fans
- High temperature centrifugal fans (up to 800°C)
- Fume extraction in boiler buildings

Nuclear power plants
Thanks to France's nuclear power industry, NEU is recognized as a specialist all over the world.
NEU is present at every stage of the process in nuclear power plants, supplying specific products to meet the requirements of the nuclear industry in the most suitable and safest manner:

- Ventilation and filtration systems in compliance with the applicable codes, standards and specifications. (Example: Cooling circuits on isolated phase busbars)

- Trapping of radio-active elements present while undertaking work during unit outages. Vacuum-producing units extract and filter the air produced in contaminated areas,

- Generation of a vacuum in the primary circuit during the Lower Generating Phase.
The mobile vacuum unit and the process used during the maintenance of the valves participate to the nuclear waste management by reducing the quantity of ultimate wastes.


- Technical solutions adapted to optimise the extraction of contaminants at source, and to process and filter air carrying radioactive dust and/or fumes.
- All ventilation, pre-filtration and dust extraction solutions for cutting tasks, use of pneumatic drills, cutting of electro-mechanical components when cold or hot

- Perform preventive and curative maintenance operations before each unit outage.
- On-site Uranin testing.
- Tailored training in the use of equipment.

NEU specific equipment for the nuclear industry
- Centrifugal fans - Sealed, earthquake resistant, decontamination system, corrosion resistant, safety classification, ATEX
- CYCLAIR®: Mobile differential pressure device for operator protection during outages
- MED® GV : Mobile vacuum units for vapour generator containment
- MED® CP : Mobile vacuum units for the primary circuit during outages
- MED® PZR : Mobile vacuum units for the pressuriser
- IODAIR® : Mobile differential pressure device with HEPA filter and iodine absorber
- JETLINE® KS: Dust extractor designed for HEPA filtration of radioactive particles
- FILTRACLEAN® S: Filtration unit for CMR particles

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