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These polymers are the most widely used in the plastics processing and production industry. They have a worldwide presence and are the most widely produced material. NEU-JKF offers a wide range of solutions to optimize your production.

Example of this application in one of our customers

LDPE/EVA pellets delivered from the pelleting unit are pneumatically conveyed to the various silos of the plant. The conveying air is cooled down with chilled water; conveyor piping and silos are thermal insulated to respect the characteristics of the EVA pellets.
The first pneumatic conveyor is transferring the pellets from the hold-up bin to the check silos. The second one distributes the pellets to the lot silos. From the lot silos, a third one distributes the pellets to the bagging silos, bulk loading silos or blending silos. To avoid pellet agglomeration with stagnant products, the check silos and lot silos are provided with recirculation loops. All systems are designed as per the dilute phase technology

Their various derivatives (high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, homo-polymer or copolymer, et.) and forms (powder, pellets, flakes) make them the most widely used plastics. Their applications in industrial use and by the general public are multiple: cling film, industrial packaging, toys, electrical cable insulation, yoghurt pots, garden furniture, etc.

New applications are emerging on a daily basis and demand at a global level is increasing. This explains the increasing size of production units (industrial production line of several kilo tonnes and distances covering several hundred metres). This is why pneumatic handling solutions have had to be developed. Plastics industry dedicated bulk processes (polypropylene and polyethylene production) have been the core application of NEU-JKF for decades and benefit from our experience. NEU-JKF installations adapt to these new configurations: medium, high or low product density, transfer speed, etc. They marry technical combinations and latest generation equipment.

NEU-JKF pneumatic transport expertise
• Dilute phase or continuous or discontinuous low-speed dense phase, for vacuum extraction and/or discharge, passing via the dune phase,
• In closed circuit or under inert gas,
• With treatment inside the pipework to prevent the generation of angel hair,
• Cleaning of pellets to eliminate fine dust,
• Homogenization, degassing and packaging of silos,
• Storage of the product in silos and loading and unloading systems for trucks, rail wagons or shipping containers,
• Air flow regulation (ACS type) to stabilize pressure,
• Latest generation key components: rotary sluices, multidirectional shunts, of standard configuration or developed especially to take into account customer requirements (tracking, insulation, cleaning in situ, etc.) tested in the workshop prior to on-site delivery,

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