Dense phase pneumatic conveying for the manufacture of complex, technical polymers

Maintain product quality during your production process

Speciality polymers (PET/PTA, polyester, polyamide, polystyrene, etc.) meet very diverse and specific requirements. Maintaining the product's quality and integrity represents major challenges, regardless of the manufacturing process.

Example of this application in one of our customers

CTA & PTA transfer in an off-gas open circuit with large capacity HDP rotary valves: 13 lines at more than 60 t/h including 2 at 100 t/h. Unloading of wagons, venting of valves and steam tracing, PTA dryer, etc.

Shine, impermeability, chemical and biological inertia, ease of maintenance, durability, they are also suitable for moulding. They exhibit both hard and fragile properties. They are also used in the production of clothes (polyester fibre, for example) and in the production of bottles, jars, pots. The steps involved in the manufacturing process are rigorous, and the pneumatic conveyance system for this type of bulk product must be particularly well-designed: dense phase, dilute phase, low-speed, high differential pressure valve, addition of additives and admixtures, etc.

The tonnages produced can be relatively small, but also very large.

• Dilute phase, continuous dense phase or low speed discontinuous dense phase, with suction and discharge, through to dune-phase,
• In an enclosed circuit or under inert gas,
• Treatment of internal pipework to prevent the formation of angel hair,
• Cleaning of granules to remove fines,
• Silo homogenization, degassing and conditioning,
• Product storage silo and big bag, truck, wagon or sea container loading and unloading systems,
• Airflow regulation (ACS-type) for pressure stability,

• Complete range of filters for air and gas: filtering of high temperature gas and dust removal from fines in an enclosed circuit to prevent cross-contamination,
• Latest-generation key components: rotary valves, multi-directional switches with a standard configuration or tailored to the customer's requirements (tracing, insulation, CIP, etc.), tested in the workshop prior to on-site delivery,
• Pressure pod unit for pneumatically conveying fragile and abrasive products while eliminating the risk of breakage. The high loading rates enable the level of gas required to be reduced, and ensure high conveyance efficiency (polymer granules or products in powder form),
• Etc.

Certain pneumatic conveyance lines for polymer particles of this type can also be equipped according to the specificities of the heat exchanger, dryer or sampling, etc.

• PTA transfer by dense phase using nitrogen. High differential pressure rotary valve. 18 t/h across 140 m.

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