Atex zone ventilation for petrochemical industry

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Custom ventilation system to keep the dangers of blast

An explosive atmosphere (ATEX) is created by mixing air with combustible substances (dangerous chemicals in the form of dust, solvent vapours, etc.), in a certain level that a sufficiently strong source of ignition can influences it to explode.
NEU-JKF can structure a custom ventilation system for each issue, to hinder such dangerous show.

Every day, blasts occur in businesses around the world. The effects can be dramatic for people and industries.

Chemical sector and in particular the petrochemical industry with ignitable products are particularly affected.

Dangers of blast anticipation, and in this manner the related compound risks, is under regulation in numerous countries. (ATEX 94/9/EC directive for example).

To prevent the risk of explosion, the need is to foresee and keep the advancement of hazard places. In case this isn't possible, wellsprings of begin must be wiped out and measures executed to reduce the potential effects of an impact.

NEU-JKF solution allow to fully limit the chemical risks thanks to a custom-made ventilation system.

NEU-JKF ATEX ventilation installations use an air flow which, in the case of general ventilation (roof ventilation, facade ventilation, etc.), will cut down the intermingling of ignitable things underneath the LEL or surge source by virtue of ventilation.

NEU-JKF make custom responses for preventing the peril of explosion :
- ATEX ventilation of production areas (ATEX zoning) ;
- Cellar, tank, pit ventilation ;
- Ventilation of hazardous chemical product storage areas ;
- Packaging styrene vapour extraction ;
- Laboratory fume cupboard pollutant emissions extraction ;
- Mixture process solvent vapour extraction ;
- Extraction and filtration of solvent vapour from the weighing, metering and preparation stations ;
- Degassing of reactor vessel by ATEX shuttle cart

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