Adiabatic Air Conditioning for Petrochemical Industry

Delta NEU

Improve working conditions for operators

In a chemical production facility, heat is universally present: process, various chemical reactions, confined workshops, etc. Production processes generate warm waste air, which must be evacuated and renewed.
Adiabatic cooling or adiabatic air conditioning, also known as natural or eco air conditioning, is a 100%-natural process that cools air as its temperature increases.

Adiabatic air conditioning extracts the energy required for the evaporation of water from warm air to cool it. To reproduce this natural principle of evaporation, we install a fan that passes warm air over a constantly running humidified cellulose heat exchanger. The air is then distributed and vented into the workshop via rigid ducts, fabric sleeves, diffusers, grilles, etc.

Heat may cause health issues or even accidents in the workplace (tiredness, loss of attention, etc.). The natural ventilation and air renewal are NEU-JKF’s solution for improving working conditions in high temperatures and for increasing production tool efficiency in the chemical industry.

Thanks to its technology (low electrical power consumption, low water consumption), natural ventilation can reduce energy costs. NEU-JKF offers a wide range of air coolers functioning on the adiabatic principle.

Simple to install and with a capacity from 10,000 m3/h to 40,000 m3/h, and capable of cooling between 200 m² and 1000 m² per appliance, NEU-JKF’s ECONOCLIM range is ideal for chemical industry production facilities.

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