Smoke tratment systems for cement industry

Smoke treatment systems in cement and mineral industries

Turnkey solutions for smoke extraction

The cement and mineral industries all have production processes that involve fusion: rotary kiln, shaft kiln, industrial electric furnace, etc. NEU-JKF has all of the necessary know-how to support your projects, thanks to its multiple product items.

Example of this application in one of our customers

ERAMET - Mineral Research Center
Dedusting system on 8 NICKEL and MANGANESE melting furnaces.

Contamination of the air is a major issue in the cement and mineral production industries. Smoke treatment systems are universally present for these processes, as suspended particles, metal or gas oxides may cause respiratory issues.

There are varied “turnkey” solutions provided by NEU-JKF. From smoke extractors to industrial smoke treatment installations above an electric smelting furnace, NEU-JKF implements its technology and products to prevent risks.

On a cement and mineral production kiln, both technologies share the same issue: high temperatures, very fine dust particle size, presence of acids in gaseous state.

Moreover, smoke extraction and filtration is a technique that combines dust particle extraction (metal oxides such as cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel or cobalt) and the filtration of pollutant gases (HF, HCL, etc.). To achieve this, the smoke is neutralised through the injection of a neutralising agent into our dust extractors

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