Sand dust extraction for cement and mineral industries

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Sand quarries are subject to the severe problem of dust clouds being produced by various items of equipment. NEU-JKF supplies filler extraction columns

Example of this application in one of our customers

Algeria, sand extraction quarry equipped with filler extraction column and several dust extraction systems

Filler extraction from sand in quarries, provided by NEU-JKF

Processing of sand after its extraction produces pollution up until the time that it is shipped. Sand dust contains crystalline silica so it is essential to install an industrial dust extractor and dust filter to protect operatives and therefore minimise the risk of occupation health issues.

The mineral industry is also seeking to eliminate sand fillers to improve quality. Indeed, the filler content in concrete alters its quality.

Whether for crushing sand or for extracting sand from the riverbed, filler extraction is a process step in wide use in quarries

The filler extraction column connects to two aggregate conveyors.

The operating principle of the column consists in the vacuum extraction of fillers going against the flow of the material gravity feed. To collect the fillers, the supply of sand entering the column is distributed by being dropped into stone hoppers. It has an air flow passing through it that is generated by a NEU-JKF centrifugal fan of the TURBOLINE type.

This air flow penetrates the column via multiple flaps. An industrial dust extractor filters the air

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