Production areas cleaning in cement and mineralgl industries

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Cement works are production sites in which the treatment of contaminated air is a major daily concern. NEU-JKF propose a comprehensive range of dust extractors.

Example of this application in one of our customers

NEU-JKF high-vacuum cleaning systems for one leading supplier of fire resilient stone wool insulation

Collection of industrial dust:
Industrial contamination is caused by processes such as: milling, grinding, screening, transport (airslides, conveyors, bucket elevators, storage, etc.)

Concrete dust and cement dust aggravate respiratory issues and must be treated through the implementation of systems such as: general ventilation, dust extraction installations, aeraulic systems for collecting dust from workshops, centralised vacuum extraction installation.

Whether it is for working in confined areas or extracting dust during processes, NEU-JKF provides turnkey solutions dedicated to cement processes.

A comprehensive range of dust extractors:
Compressed air cleaning dust extractor, dust filter or static filter, for treating air extracted during processes but also to supply refreshed new air and thus minimise the suspended dust content in the air inside the rooms (locker rooms, control stations, electrical plant rooms, etc.).

NEU-JKF also sells high vacuum industrial vacuum extraction systems enabling operatives to carry out curative cleaning works.

Contamination of the air (chemical risks of cement potentially leading to occupational diseases) is a major issue in the cement production industries, for which NEU-JKF has all of the necessary know-how to support your projects, thanks to its multiple product items

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