Receiving hopper dust control

Hopper dust collection for cement, minerals industries

Receiving hopper dust collection system design for cement and minerals industries

Our state-of-the-art solutions for dust removal from bulk material unloading pits reduce investment costs for excellent efficiency.

Case study: Receiving hopper dust collection equipment

On port unloading docks, dust removal on the hoppers makes transhipment operations clean. When loading / unloading bulk materials (aggregates, clinker, coal, cereals), a significant amount of dust remains in suspension. Our dust collection systems are designed to effectively remove particles from their emission source and secure the perimeter.
Pivoted flaps covering the entire surface of the hopper reduce the air speed required to suck in airborne particles. By reducing the speed, and therefore the air flow, it is then possible to reduce the power and size of the fans for dust removal. The integration of these ingenious devices makes the investment lower than conventional dust collection systems.
The materials used for dust collection, transfer and filtration are resistant to the abrasiveness of the products handled.
The particles are then recycled into the process and the cleaned air is released into the atmosphere in accordance with regulations.

An innovative and economical dust collection system
Designed by our engineers, the NEU-JKF port hopper dust collection system combines performance, space saving, energy efficiency and cost optimization.
The design of our dust collection solution is adapted to the abrasiveness of bulk materials as well as to high instantaneous material flows. This makes it easy to maintain and ensures its durability over time.

An industrial suction solution on unloading pits in compliance with regulations
Our industrial dust collection solutions comply with the strictest environmental legislation. They make it possible to reduce to a minimum the risks associated with airborne dust. They also comply with the regulations on explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

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