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Cement and mineral industries

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Solutions for cement and mineral industries

In these extraction and first transformation industries, first class sytems are mandatory because they are necessary for operation. These industrial sectors are in great need of managing their flow of materials and products. And a good flow management helps clarify their processing and delivery.
Thanks to decades of experience, NEU-JKF designs and implements clean and healthy solutions to transfer bulk materials, to automate their delivery, saving time and money and keeping the environment dust free.

NEU-JKF Solutions for the Cement and Mineral industries

Reduction of dust emissions in the mineral industries and cement industries contributes to the improvement of working conditions for the operators subject to particle pollution harmful to health and to the durability of machineries.

Point-by-point or centralized dust control solutions exist, either by placing several dust collectors on the conveyor belts just after the transfer points or in connection via piping. The various suction points must be previously confined to major sources of dust (conveyor belt transfer).

Solution also makes it possible to transfer the set of fines collected by the dust collector to a storage silo via mineral pneumatic conveyors.

Pneumatic conveying equipment consists of pushing a fine raw material into pressure or pressure piping, in dilute phase with blower or dense phase by plug with pneumatic air, this phase is usually applicable to the abrasion product.

Also, be noted that screening and grinding operations are the main sources of dust for the mineral processing operation and the cement manufacturing process. Cement dust collectors are usually placed on the top of silo to collect the over pressure du to the introduction of air and raw material into the silo.

The dust-air enters the filter through out a pocket filtration. The filter included an automatic reverse jet compressed air cleaning system.

Cooling system can also improve the quality of the air. This system placed on building roof is composed of a radial fan located inside a housing. The fan draws air by 3 or 4 sides. Each side has a pre-filter and a humidification tower, which is constantly wet by a water pump. Filtered air is drawn through the tower and is discharged by the fan into the building to cool. For example, area close to a furnace in glass industry.

Centralized vacuum system will be also improved the environment in the mineral industries and cement industries. Industrial suction consists in installing a set of cleaning accessories (brushes, suckers, tubes, etc.), hoses, suction valves implanted according to the needs and configuration of the industrial workshop, ductwork distributing each of the suction vents and of a central Vacuum system high depression plant which ensures the filtration of particle in cement processing.,

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