Delta NEU is focusing on the danger of Chromium (VI)

18 March 2019


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Chromium (VI) is a carcinogen that has no threshold, that is to say, it is harmful even at doses lower than the regulatory value for occupational exposures. This is why highly exposed professions such as surface treatment workers or welders must be particularly well protected by at source suction and high-level filtration systems.

The harmful effect of Chromium (VI) is well documented. We no longer need to remember Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, winning her case against the company that polluted the drinking water of a small Californian town with high concentrations of hexavalent chromium. Since then, in Europe, the European Commission has officially recognised this danger and the EU REACH regulation requires Chromium (VI) suppliers to present their businesses to obtain official authorisation (March 2016). 

Provided their suppliers have obtained this European authorisation, users of Chromium VI, and especially surface treatment workers, are not required to request it themselves. But they must be able to prove at all times that they comply with the same filtration and protection requirements against the risks related to the existence of Chromium Hexavalent in their factories.

Chrome VI is unusual in that it hardly exists in a natural state and is essentially created by human activity, which transforms the Chromium (III) essential trace mineral, which is indispensable for life, into Chromium (VI), which is an irritant and carcinogen. There can be many of these activities but monitoring mainly concerns surface treatment workers and concrete plants. 

Although in Europe risks related to Chromium (VI) are already regulated by strict regulations, operator protection, especially in surface treatment and welding workshops, are increasingly reinforced and controlled. 

This is why the expertise of Delta NEU is highly sought-after as the company installs, at each customer’s premises, dust collection systems whose filtration level is so high that they are used in the nuclear sector.


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