Optimize maintenance with connected objects

22 July 2019


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NEU Automation, a NEU-JKF company, designs applications around connected objects in order to offer maintenance forecasting to their clients.

NEU Automation is organized around a team of engineers and technicians experienced in automation. Working both for their own clients and for other companies in the hub, the company has just developed applications for connected objects intended for different equipment in the NEU-JKF hub. By being able to constantly monitor their operation, this innovation will significantly optimize maintenance for clients.

NEU Automation has recognized expertise in process automation and traceability. It was therefore natural for the company to focus on designing applications around connected objects which are driving progress in the world of air treatment. For example, small, matchbox-sized sensors will be installed on filtration systems to continuously measure their efficiency, ensuring the required level of air quality at all times. This information will go back to Customer Service which then informs the customer of a possible need for maintenance forecasting.

Maintenance forecasting is a considerable advance in optimizing the operation of machines and production lines in workshops. It allows the replacement, overhaul, or repair of equipment before it causes equipment failure or degradation. It is obvious that in terms of safety and good investment management, this type of maintenance is of particular interest. It both avoids irreversible degradation of equipment, and downtime for repairing serious faults that take too long and are economically disadvantageous.

NEU Automation, which develops traceability and process automation software on multiple production lines around the world, for customers in many different sectors, was particularly well placed to look at connected equipment in aeraulics.

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