NEU and JKF are joining forces

6 February 2019


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Following its growing internationalization, the NEU Group has evolved and is now known as NEU-JKF

The NEU Group will now bring together all its companies under the NEU-JKF banner. This brand reflects the merger with Danish company JKF, and the resulting increase in the Group's international coverage. "Dedicated to clean air” will become a byword for their expertise.

While the NEU Group is gaining commercial success in China through its subsidiary in Shanghai and is opening a new subsidiary in Indonesia, JKF relies on its Malaysia plant to manufacture the filters, ducts and fans needed for air treatment applications in South-East Asia.

Through its sales organization, which is firmly established in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Baltic States, Poland, and its Danish and Polish plants, JKF now completes the NEU Group’s European presence in Benelux and Great Britain.

The synergy resulting from the merger of these two major entities dedicated to air treatment is for the benefit of all sectors involved: NEU is developing with its customers, applications for pneumatic conveying, ventilation, dust removal and filtration, while JKF specializes in the manufacture of equipment and dust collection facilities for all types of industries.

Under the NEU-JKF umbrella brand, we have NEU Process which designs and carries out installations, systems and equipment for processing powders and granular material, Delta NEU which specializes in operator and machinery protection and air filtration, NEU Automation which specializes in systems automation, NEU FEVI, a fan manufacturer, NEU-JKF Wood Industry specializing in the wood sector, and JKF. Each of these companies will now be labelled as Member of NEU-JKF.

NEU-JKF is one of Europe’s leading players in aeraulic solutions

NEU-JKF : Dedicated to clean air

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