NEU Process

NEU Process

Founded in 1906 NEU Process designs completely automated installations for powder and pellets processes. We design and build equipment, systems and turnkey installations friendly reliable.
NEU Process has gained its experience throughout the world from a wide range of installations for all industries. Petrochemical, food, mineral, chemical... industries and first-class engineering companies recognize NEU Process expertise and commitment to providing optimal solutions in respect with international hygiene and safety regulations.

Facts & Figures

NEU Process
Market Area
15M € (2016)
Products & Services
Pneumatic conveying and processing of bulk product


Parc d'activités de la Houssoye, rue Ampère, 59930 La Chapelle d'Armentières

About NEU Process

A single source supplier, a specific solution, a reliable process.
NEU Process has a complete range of techniques to suit various and numerous pneumatic conveying needs:
• Dilute phase suction or blowing system or suck blow combined system.
• Closed loop air or inert gas pressurized system, the most economical and safest method for transferring potential hazardous and sensitive products.
• Continuous dense phase, product conveying at low velocity, ideal for long loops.
• Discontinuous dense phase, blowing system (NEUPHASE®) or suction system, ultra-low velocity product conveying.

NEU Process integrates key complementary production functions:
• Storage of product in silos and intake / discharge systems for silos, big bags and sacks.
• Silo conditioning, degassing, control of temperature and humidity of stored materials, 
• Volumetric metering, high accuracy weighing system, single or multi-ingredient, recipe formulations.
• Process equipment integration: mixer, mill, siever, metal detector, dryer,