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NEU Automation

Founded in 1985 NEU Automation is specialized in developing control systems for the industries. NEU Automation is also an integrator-expert of control systems, energy efficiency of buildings, and technical building management. Main activity fields are the industry (food, automotive, chemical/pharmaceutical, railways, petrochemical, steel), the building (office, hospital, data center, museum) and environment (water, solar, waste management)

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NEU Automation
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Complete automated systems in the industrial, tertiary and environmental fields


Parc d’activités de la Houssoye, Rue Ampère, 59930 La Chapelle d’Armentières

About NEU Automation

For the industry, NEU Automation’s area of competence covers the following:
• Programmable logic controllers, monitoring system, and industrial networks,
• Development of Batch systems (NEUBATCH),
• Recipes and Traceability solutions (NORM S88),
• Specific software developments (WEB, .NET),
• Database applications, client/server solutions.
• Manufacture of electrical cabinets,
• Electrical assembly and wiring on customer site,
• Supervision and tests on site.

For the building industry, NEU Automation’s know-how is to adapt all the technical parts of a building to reduce energy costs, facilitate the use of systems while maintaining or improving the level of comfort of people. The use of new technologies allows for agile and easy to operate buildings (access control, video protection and intercom…)