Services/Maintenance – Replacement parts

Neu Service and Maintenance provides maintenance services and maintenance optimization of ventilation facilities (all brands)


  • Focus on prevention and sustainability of facilities installations
  • Aim for maximum cost reduction
  • Compliance with regulations in force
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  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Performance improvement process and energy gain
  • Preventive maintenance visits
  • Upgrading of facilities
NEU - FR - PAGE - Services & Maintenance - Prestations interventions
  • Control and measure of reference values
  • Materials compliant with ATEX directive
  • Standardized measures of rejection or dust present
  • Monitoring of fans
  • Revamping of fans (FEVI or other)
  • Solution on machines subject to constraints of erosion, high temperature, clogging, corrosion and other

Theoretical and practical training on air technologies

Training courses for engineers, technicians and agents, control services, method, maintenance of new works

To enable:

  • Participation in desing of facilities
  • Handling of responsibilities of operation, inspection, maintenance
  • Supplementing of acquired theoretical knowledge with practical training

Training courses offered:

  • Fans
  • Ventilation, air conditioning
  • Dust removal
  • Personnel involved in ATEX
  • ISM ATEX level 0 – Awareness
NEU-services-assistance-maintenance-automatismes industriels
  • Non-electrician implementing agency
  • ISM ATEX level 1m
  • Acoustics
  • Pneumatic handling
  • Working environment measurements


NEU AUTOMATION provides consulting, engineering and construction services in IT and industrial and commercial automation.
Consulting services includes requirement analysis,masterplan implementation, cost analysis and audit of facilities.
Engineering activity includes programmes development, development of information systems meant for industrial production, programmable logic controllers, building management and electrical engineering.

NEU AUTOMATION is specialized in industrial automation design covering control of the following products : programmable logic controllers for industry and commercial sectors, supervision, acquisition, field networks, axis control and motorization, operator terminals, wired computer networks, radio, development of specific drivers, object programming languages, database application, client/server solution, intranet, extranet.

Audit of facilities, functional analysis , Electrical schematics, programmable logic controllers, software development, network and communications, databases, platform testing, commissioning, electrical monitoring.