Neu Process has over decades developed pneumatic conveying systems and bulk shipping.

Bulk pneumatic conveying, powder

Transport, storage, dosing, mixing, weigh: the best techniques related to bulk process. There are 3 main types of bulk handling:

  • Dilute phase conveying
  • Continous dense phase conveying
  • Discontinous dense phase conveying
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We operate mainly in the food, chemical and plastics industries. The applications are numerous: receipt of raw materials (bulk, bags, big bags), transportation of powder, cleaning pellets for removal of fines, mixing, grinding, drying, powder packaging, cooling, sieving, dosing powders…

In Neu Process, we guarantee pneumatic conveying facilities:

  • Waterproof: Preservation of the product, of the environment, reduction of the production of fine
  • Comply with regulations: CE, ATEX certification, FDA, ..
  • Sustainable: low wear, low maintenance, low energy consumption
  • Safety: Few moving parts for increased operator safety

Pneumatic transport of production waste

Some processes generate ordinary industrial waste and special industrial waste continuously or intermittently. Print shops, cardboard factories, paper manufacturers / cardboard, plastics processors, canneries … generate at the time of production all types of industrial waste: logs, food packaging, process scraps, skeletons, dry matter, metal chips, waste paper,shredded cardboard , borders, paper trims, bottle necks, textile waste…

NEU - FR - Page - Transport pneumatique - Vrac poudres papier
NEU - FR - Page - Transport pneumatique - Vrac poudres papier carton

The treatment of these wastes from the source allows manufacturers to optimize the management of waste (more than manual collection) and optimize their process and their energy performance.

The industrial waste aspiration is effective at all levels of production: Neu builds collator systems, coiler, gang-stitcher, grinder, cuttings, shapers, sawing-in, paper cutter, corrugator, folders, saddle stitchers …