Air quality improvement

Delta Neu expertise: industrial dedusting, central aspiration, treatment of oil mists – 100 years of expertise to improve the air quality in the industry

Delta Neu designs and assembles equipments dedicated to cleaning the air of the work environment. Its expertise,turnkey filtration solutions:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning for industries: local ventilation, natural air conditioning, ventilation of working areas, vapor extraction…
  • Industrial Vacuum, dust removal: centralized vacuum cleaning, dust suppression, industrial dust collector…
  • Filtration particles and oil mist: treatment of oil mist, radioactive particles, electro-erosion fumes…
  • Suction of waste: chip processing, suction of waste production, industrial suction
  • Chemical and microbiological decontamination of air
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Principle of operation of a dust suction device

    1. Capture: dust extraction is closer to the source of emission and without any discomfort for the operator
    2. Transporter: transport speed is optimized in accordance with the aerodynamic rules and the economic industrial constraints
    3. Filter: once captured and transported the dust is filtered (see our range of 20 industrial dust extractors), dust filtration is done with one of the 20 Delta Neu dust extractors.
    4. Recycle, compensate for the air: depending on the nature of the dust, the air can be recycled within the building. If recycling is not possible, we must compensate for the extracted air (air-compensation)
    5. Collect dust: after filtration, the dust is collected by drums, or by continuous extraction with pneumatic transport


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Ecoresponsible air quality improvement facilities

  • Estimation of the integrated energy consumption in our offer
  • Control of air extract compensation
  • Simple solution tailored to your needs
  • Enveloping hoods to reduce the air flow and reduce your energy consumption
  • Transport speed in the ducts adapted to the pollutant and limits the power absorbed by the fan
  • Small footprint hardware to optimize your production surfaces
  • High quality filtration allowing the recycling of treated air in your workshop.